Monday, May 17, 2010

Vintage Bali Hai Hollywood Regency Style Dresser's

Okay, some thing's in life are "meant to be", and these dresser's definitely fit the bill. I was looking for something substantial to replace my current night stands now that the built in is in place - and came up with the impossible ask as per usual: Authentic Hollywood Regency Style Eames Era Bamboo Dressers in the perfect dimensions.   I chose this combination as a target because I wanted something that was playful, and yet glamorous and unexpected. Once again I find that ask and you may receive is more than a pipe dream. 

This lovely pair was found on eBay in mint condition, and in the perfect dimensions (right down to exactly the right was almost scary).   They had only been listed for 20 minutes, otherwise I'm sure I would have never had a shot...when you really love something, consider snuggling up with "Buy it Now", you won't regret it.  And will never fall victim to the certain anguish of "what if?" Alas, their only fatal flaw was their location - exotic Ft Meyers Florida.  Humpf. So I had to arrange for them to be shipped all the way up to Seattle, which was spendy, but totally worth it. 

They are scheduled to arrive by June 11, at which point they will be sanded down and refinished in a perfect high gloss white. (Benjamin Moore Super White, but of course)

The dressers were made by a company called Henry Link, and were part of a line manufactured in the 70's called "Bali Hai".  This line was wildly popular, and is highly sought after on the vintage market along with a similar Thomasville collection of the same era.   

I'm also going to swap the hardware out - and I'm torn between simple milk glass white knobs, something gold and glamorous, or white bamboo.  Decisions, decisions.

Cheers to having a Kelly Wearstler moment on a budget!


  1. these look very victoria - you rock the tropical/clean/white look in your apt.

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  3. I'm looking for some original hardware from the Henry Link dresser above. Do you still have it?

  4. Excellent blog.Of course balloons with a Hollywood theme. Sprinkle colorful 'star confetti' on the tables, including the serving tablesa re nice decor items.

  5. My daughter down in Jackson, Ms has the entire dining room set to sell-table, 6 chairs-buffet and china cabinet! Make an offer! The Bali Hai vintage yellow bamboo email at if can pick up and a good price offer

  6. Can I ask who you used for your shipping? how was the service & furniture packing? I'm looking for a company to help with some shipping and I"d appreciate any info you'd be willing to share!

    thank you!

  7. I love this post. Thank you for sharing. I am desperately searching for a replacement drawer pull for a Bali Hai triple dresser that I am refinishing. If you are replacing your hardware, would you be willing to sell a couple of the drawer pulls? They are the smaller ones that are on the left and right side drawers.

    Thank you!

  8. Hello...and new to your blog. I am redoing a Bali Hai dresser for a client and need some tips. She wants BMoore paint. Should we use oil or spray enamel AND any special instructions for the laminate top (and getting the paint to stick)? I know about TSP cleaning,sanding and priming but have not worked with BMoore over Rustoleum 2x spray which does work well. Hopefully this thread is not buried and I might stand a chance for a response. Jules in Mesa,AZ